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Restorative Dental Services in Toronto

At Yonge Street Dental, we offer a range of restorative dental services in Toronto, including fillings, bridges, crowns, and dentures.

Restorative Dental Services, Toronto Dentist

What is Restorative Dental Care?

Restorative dental care includes any procedure which focuses on restoring the normal function and appearance of your smile.

By repairing structural problems such as damaged or missing teeth, our dentists can help to restore your oral health - and your smile.  

After evaluating your dental health issue, the dentists at Yonge Street Dental will recommend the right restorative treatment option for you. 

Dental Crowns in Toronto

Crowns are porcelain caps that are placed over the top of teeth to restore their function and appearance. Crowns can be used to anchor bridges, restore dental implants or by enclosing the crown they can help prevent a cracked tooth from deteriorating further. They can also help to restore a discoloured or stained tooth to its natural appearance.

Fixed Dental Bridges in Toronto

Bridges are natural-looking tooth replacements that can be bonded to existing teeth or attached to dental implants to replace one or more teeth. Because each dental bridge is custom-made, they are highly aesthetic  and can restore the natural colour, contour, and function of your teeth.

Dental Fillings in Toronto

At Yonge Street Dental, we use composite (tooth-coloured) fillings to repair a cavity or restore a tooth that is damaged due to decay or trauma. These fillings can withstand moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing, and can be used on front and back teeth.

Full & Partial Dentures in Toronto

Dentures are artificial teeth used to replace a single missing tooth, several in a row (partial dentures), or a whole jaw of missing teeth (full dentures). Dentures allow patients with missing teeth to maintain their appearance, and talk and eat more efficiently. Both types of dentures are removable.

Implant Restoration in Toronto

Dental implant restoration is a procedure that creates an artificial tooth to replace a missing one. The process involves attaching this tooth to an implanted root that fuses with the bone over a period of time. This type of restoration is long-lasting and gives a natural-looking appearance.

Veneers in Toronto

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are applied to the front of your teeth in order to improve their appearance by altering their colour or shape. Veneers are used on teeth with uneven surfaces and chips, as well as on teeth that are discoloured, oddly shaped, unevenly spaced, or crooked.

Inlays & Onlays in Toronto

Inlays and onlays are tooth-coloured porcelain fillings that are used to repair cavities when the damage is too extensive for a standard dental filling. They are custom-made in a dental laboratory and then permanently cemented to the tooth as a single piece.

Root Canals in Toronto

A root canal is a procedure where your dentist removes diseased blood vessels, nerves, and tissues from the interior of a tooth. By removing the decay and bacteria, your dentist can help halt the spread of infection and prevent the need for a tooth extraction.

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