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Dental Appliances in Toronto

Protect your teeth and gums from injury with a custom-fitted dental appliance. Your dentist at Yonge Street Dental can recommend a night guard or sports guard based on your needs. 

Why consider a Dental Appliance?

Whether you're sleeping or playing sports, it's important to take steps to protect your oral health. For athletes or people who clench or grind their teeth, dental appliances can help preserve and protect our teeth, gums and soft tissues from injury. 

At Yonge Street Dental, we offer dental appliances such as mouth guards, sports guards and space maintainers to help protect your teeth from injury or damage and improve your oral health. 

While most guards fit over your upper teeth, your dentist may also recommend a mouth guard for your lower teeth. They are custom-made in a dental lab and fabricated by a technician to fit the anatomy of your teeth. 

Dental Appliances, Toronto Dentist

Mouth Guards... Custom-Made Just For You!

Custom-made mouth guards are options for children, teens and adults to help with teeth spacing, to help prevent teeth grinding at night, and for safety while playing sports. 

Using a mouth guard  can help protect your soft tissues and teeth from damage and trauma to help you preserve your oral health - and your smile - for years to come.

Space Maintainers

Teeth are constantly moving throughout our lifetimes, particularly in growing children or, in the case of adults, when teeth have been lost (ie. pulled) or removed and have created gaps.

Some children lose teeth prematurely and will need a custom-fitted dental space maintainer to prevent their remaining teeth from moving into the open space and leave enough room for the permanent tooth to grow in.

In some circumstances, adults who have lost a tooth may required a space maintainer to keep the rest of the teen in line until a permanent custom tooth replacement can be made.

Night Guards

Perhaps you've caught yourself clenching your jaw during the day or grinding your teeth, or your dentist has asked if this is a problem. If so, a mouth guard can act as a cushion against grinding to prevent injury to your teeth and gums. 

Sports Guards

Sports mouth guards are dental appliances designed to protect your teeth and jaw from impact during contact sports. They're worn over your upper teeth, and form a protective layer against impact so that your teeth don't take the brunt of it. This can mean less trauma to your mouth as a whole, and can even prevent you from losing teeth.

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